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Sincero identifies JCEvent’s R&D Tax claim, with new technology in the audio visual industry

It’s been a rough ride for our hospitality colleagues, Covid19 hasn’t held any punches for the industry who create magical events, the ones we eagerly look forward to each year and celebrate them with our colleagues. 

So, what have JCEvents been doing during lockdown?

Have they managed to survive? 

Speaking to Jacqui Chapman earlier this week she’s as up beat as ever, with the attitude of, if life chucks you lemons let’s see what we can do to diversify and get the JCEvents Team through this! 

Julie Skevington asked Jacqui, some time back, if she had considered R&D Tax Credit as a way of putting funds back into the company. 

Julie explains ”Research & Development Tax Credits are a government incentive, available to all businesses regardless of size, the tax credit allows you to claim back money spent developing new ideas or improving on old ones.’

Jacqui and her team solve problems daily for clients by developing ideas and improving old ones, it’s the nature of the events game to be on their toes and fulfil the clients requests!

The JCEvent’s team modified and experimented with projectors and LED walls, this counts as new technology in the audio visual industry, this is research and development and a claim can be made. The credits are made over three years. JCEvents received this funding back 2019, 2020 and will receive the next credit in 2021. This came as a safety net during the uncertainty of 2020. 

The JCEvents team who are well know in the region for hosting creative events and providing the customer with a first class service are now providing virtual events and Covid19 Solutions. 

They have everything your business needs to keep your workplace safe and covid secure, and if they don’t have it they will build it bespoke for you! Contact Jacqui for more details

Jacqui said ‘’I would recommend you speak to Julie regarding your business finances, her guidance and advice though Covid has been invaluable. She’s listened and solved problems with her knowledge of the industry where the banks haven’t been able to. Above all, I trust her and she cares about my business and my staff.’’ 

If you have made a change or an improvement to your business or maybe you have made a few attempts to overcome and solve a problem there is likely to be R&D Claim.  Speak to Julie who can take you through the next steps.

If you are seeking funding to help your business grow, please contact Sincero on 07850 751 703.