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Asset Finance

Funding for what ever equipment your business needs.

When looking to fund Capital Equipment,  Asset Finance can be an effective way to spread the cost if you are buying plant, office and IT equipment, machinery or vehicles over a number of years.  

There is a variety of asset finance products available :
Hire Purchase
Hire purchase agreements are secured against the asset. Commonly the complete VAT is payable upfront together with a deposit. The balance of the amount owed is then spread across the period of the contract.
Finance Lease
Regular monthly payments over a set period and at the end of the term you have the choice to buy the asset for a nominal amount. HMRC will identify the business as the owner and interest can be offset against profits. 
Operating Lease  & Contract Hire 
This is where lenders take a residual of the asset which means that you are not financing the entire price of the asset.  This provides tax advantages and is ideal if ‘off balance sheet’ funding is needed. 
Asset Refinance
If you own assets in your company they can be used as security to raise capital for your business. The funder will normally look to lend 70 % of the market value against any possessions that the business possesses outright.
If you would like to discuss how an asset finance loan could help your business, please get in touch.

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