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Alternative Finance

We help you find new and innovative ways to fund your business.

Alternative Finance is business finance that has not come from a mainstream lender. It has been championed by the Government as an alternative to traditional bank lending, Various products include unsecured loans & overdrafts, crowd funding and peer to peer lending; offering faster, cheaper financial options which are largely enabled by technology.
Crowd Funding and Peer 2 Peer lending share one common principle: raising finance online from a number of people, enable anyone to invest alongside professional investors in start-up, early stage and growth businesses.   
Crowd funding can take various forms such as:

  • Loans - Repayment over a set period
  • Equity - Giving away % of your business
  • Reward - Discount or offering a product or service
  • Charity - Donating
Pension -led business funding is a sophisticated form of commercial finance which offers an alternative to traditional business funding, such as bank loans or overdrafts.
It involves using business owners’ accrued pension funds to invest in their own companies
Merchant Cash Advances  offers unsecured advances of up to £50,000 based on  future debit/credit card sales. the whole amount is then repaid by instalments via a small fixed percentage of the daily card transactions
If you would like us to help with finding alternative finance to help your business to grow, please get in touch.

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