Expert Precision Engineering claimed over £20000 back in R&D Tax Credits

South Tyneside based firm Sincero helped fellow North East England Chamber of Commerce (NEECC) member, Expert Precision Engineering claim back over £20,000 in R&D Tax credits. 

Julie Skevington of Sincero was introduced to Stephen Hornby, Director of Expert Precision Engineering, just over a year ago.

Sincero are experts in commercial funding. They are committed to helping businesses source the very best funding for whatever a business needs, thereby saving the customer valuable time and money.

Meeting with Stephen gave Julie the opportunity to discuss growth funding, and in particular claiming Research and Development Tax credit (R&D) back from HMRC. R&D Tax Credits are a Government incentive designed to reward UK companies for investing in innovation.

Julie commented “I met with the leadership team at Expert Precision Engineering and could see their determination and dedication to solving problems for their customers. I naturally wanted to know more about the sectors they were serving and to see where I could help.” 

Expert Precision Engineering was launched in June 2018 with the vision of providing manufacturing excellence. The company manufacture parts for the Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Marine and Automotive industry. Julie realised that Expert Precision Engineering were dealing in niche sectors and in many cases an ‘off the shelf’ solution for their customers wasn’t an option.

As with any Limited business who innovate solutions or create something new to the market, Expert Precision Engineering qualified for an R&D tax claim because of the time, man power and wastage involved in solving problems for their customers.

Stephen Hornby said “Expert Precision are always looking for the solution to our client’s problems, it’s what we do as Engineers. I didn’t think we could claim R&D Tax credit, it really was worth the conversation with Sincero and thanks to Julie who taken us seamlessly through the process we managed to claim over £20,000 back.”

Sincero partner with Access2Funding, who are experts in writing the complex computations necessary to maximise the R&D claim.

If you would like more information on Expert Precision Engineering, please contact Stephen Hornby on 07753 233455.

If you would like more information on Sincero Business Growth and Funding Solutions, please contact Julie Skevington on 07850 751703 or